How Much Text can I use in a Facebook Ad Image?

Facebook cares about the user experience. Images with too much text risk Facebook refusing to share it with your audience.
You spent so much time creating a great offer, but Facebook isn’t showing your Ad.

How do we know how much text is too much text in a Facebook Ad? Does it even really matter?

It can often be difficult to tell if your images have too much text in them. If you are running a Facebook Ad, then too much text can kill your results faster than my daughter can put away a milkshake. Keep an eye on your plate.

Facebook highly values the user experience. They have actually posted that they will not run ads with too much text in them. They believe this takes away from your Facebook fun day.

In general, marketers use the 80/20 rule when creating Facebook Ad images. This means you want to leave 80% of your image free of text. This also applies to videos you post. Facebook prefers images with little to no text. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out if the amount of text you use will be too much. There is a free Facebook tool you can use to assist with figuring this out. Its call the Facebook Overlay Tool.

How do you use the Facebook Overlay Tool?

The tool itself it relatively easy to use. Follow the steps below for a step by step guide on using the Overlay Tool. Please note: This tool currently only works in desktop mode. It does not have mobile support. You will have to use your laptop or desktop to use this tool.

  1. Navigate to the Facebook Overlay Tool.
  2. Select the Upload button to look for the image you want to check.
The Facebook Overlay tool can be used to check the volume of your text in your image to determine the impact it might have on your Ads.
This is a screen shot of the Facebook Overlay Tool upload option.

3. Once you upload your image, you will get a ranking of how much text you have and its potential impact on your Facebook Ads. We Uploaded the image used at the top of this blog post. You only want to use images that receive the OK rating.

The image we used received a Medium rating. The Facebook Overlay Tool informed us that this will cause our ad reach to be much lower than usual. In the top right of the Overlay Tool you can see the ratings chart.

Once you upload the image you are checking, the Facebook Overlay Tool displays a rating to the left of the image. The image rating key is located in the top right of the page.

We took the same image from above and removed most of the text. We kept our “adventure” text in the middle and shrunk the rest of the text we wanted to keep. This was enough for us to get the OK rating we were looking for.

Marketers want to keep their image to 80% graphic and only 20% text. This will allow Facebook to not limit your ads reach.
This is the OK rating you want to receive when running Facebook ads with images.

This is a relatively easy tool to use. You should use this every time you plan on including an image with Text in your Ad.

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