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Knowing what to post or staying up to date on subjects related to our niche can be a daunting task. Every day new trending topics appear and disappear just as fast.  How would you like to receive daily alerts on keywords that matter to you? What if I told you this service was available today and it’s absolutely free?

Google has added a new feature called Google Alerts. Every day you will get an email with new links to search results related to your keyword delivered to your email. This is an excellent tool to stay in the know and make your monthly social media posts content easier to find. Let’s show you how to set this up for yourself.  


How do you create a Google Alert

Google has made setting these up very easy. Before you begin, you will need a Google Account. These are easy to set up if you haven’t already done so, but you will need one prior to setting up your google alert. Here’s how start your alert:

  1. Start by going to Check to confirm you’re logged in with your Google account.
  2. At the top of the page enter your keywords. You might need to factor in what your goals for these alerts are. Are you using this as a tool to monitor how often your brand is mentioned? Are you looking for content ideas on materials you can use for your brands or links you can share with others over social media? This should impact what keywords you use at this step. For example, if you work for a roofing company looking for topics to post on facebook, then you might look for alerts related to local construction projects in your city.
  3. Select how often you want to receive the alert. The choices are super simple. You can choose as it happens, once a day or once a week.
  4. Select your sources. You can leave this as automatic or specify where you want Google to pull this data from. Google Alerts won’t monitor social media mentions, but you can still track news, blogs, websites,  videos, and books.
  5. Confirm the language is the language you want.
  6. Update the region field. This can remain as any or if you only want results for a specific country, then narrow down your selection here.
  7. Select how many results you will receive. Your selection options are between receiving Only the Best Results for your keyword or All Results. If you are looking to monitor how often your brand is talked about, then you will want to go with All Results. If you are only looking to find content ideas, then Only the Best Results will be a better choice for you.  


8. Choose the email you want the results to be delivered to. After the alert is created you can also adjust what time you want the results to be delivered.

9. Finally, select the Create Alert button to make this bad boy official. Enjoy your sweet results.

This might not be the end of your content curation journey or be the final solution for your monitoring efforts, but it’s an easy option to get additional results delivered right to your email. Additional sites you might review for content curation should include BuzzFeed and BuzzSumo. If monitoring is more what you are trying to accomplish, then tools like Hootsuite can be used to help you better track your social mentions. Be sure to also check out our other Socia Media Blog Posts.

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